M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, Hall Magnetic Induction Side Scroll Wheel - Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse

Introducing the Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse:

A harmonious blend of artistic design, M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, and exceptional business performance. With a focus on meeting the user's most pressing needs, this mouse delivers enhanced value in wireless business computing, providing seamless and smooth cross-device collaboration in various scenarios, and ushering in the era of widespread technological accessibility.

In addition to the powerful M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, does the Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini have any other highlights?

Rapoo MT Business Office series has exceptional professional and functional attributes, elevating the starting point of sophistication in pursuit of productivity. Taking the wireless technology experience to the next level while seeking productivity at the same time. The M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology provides a smart and seamless experience in various scenarios, including cross-screen operation and file transfer. The Hall magnetic induction side scroll wheel ensures more precise and smooth scrolling control. The 1000,000-scale tactile aluminum alloy middle button scroll wheel enhances the user's scrolling experience. With Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G wireless multi-mode connectivity, the MT760/MT760 Mini allows quick switching among up to 5 devices. The mouse also features a 7-level real-time DPI adjustment button for sensitivity customization and can support up to 1+10 programmable buttons. 800mAh lithium battery with fast charging in 3 hours, providing continuous usage for up to 150-160 hours. It is essentially an ideal business office mouse, integrating all these functions into the MT760/MT760 Mini.

As a frequently used tool during working, the core design of the mouse embodies the core principles of high-quality materials, practical elegance, precision, comfort, pleasant colors, and meticulous attention to all details. The MT760 mouse is suitable for large hands, weighing approximately 101g; the MT760 mini mouse is suitable for medium to small hands, weighing approximately 88g. Tailored to different hand sizes, the perfectly fitting ergonomic experience brings a more relaxed stretch. To enhance comfort, the MT760 series features a full-bodied hand feel, an arched ergonomic design for comprehensive support, matte-textured hard rubber buttons, soft rubber finger rest positions with skin-like texture, and an optimized curvature space for the thumb rest on the left side wing, coupled with textured patterns to effectively prevent slipping and sweating, providing business professionals with a more liberating control experience.

Comfort redefined with the Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini: Embracing power and aesthetics as its core concepts.

Available in three different color schemes: Elegance Black, Mica Gray, and Rose Pink, these colors represent the diverse possibilities of the business environment, providing more options for free creativity.

Rapoo Office Wireless Technology: M+ Wireless Cross-Screen Technology, Multi-Mode Wireless Switching

In the era of information technology, users' perceptions of product devices are no longer limited to a single function. Faced with more diverse office scenarios, multiple screens, and a variety of usage scenarios, it is crucial to fully leverage the capabilities with higher convenience and efficiency. With its comprehensive technological advantages, the MT760/MT760 Mini can deliver greater performance. Rapoo has independently developed the M+ wireless cross-screen transmission technology. With the MT760/MT760 Mini in 2.4GHz mode, it can achieve cross-computer operation control, file transfer, copying, pasting, and sharing of various files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF formats, and JPG images. It allows for simultaneous support of up to 6 devices. By leveraging technological utility, it breaks down the interaction barriers between devices and enables an office environment that is characterized by "intelligence" and "convenience".

Functional Implementation Requirements:

Download and install the Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini driver on each PC device (with Windows).

Pair the mouse with each PC device (Each device needs to insert a M1M wireless receiver).

Make sure that each PC device is connected to the same LAN network.

How to achieve compatibility with multiple systems and support a wide range of devices?

The MT760/MT760 Mini supports three connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and wired. It offers low power consumption, low latency, and high efficiency. With the ability to connect and switch quickly among up to five devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops, the MT760L ensures seamless cross-screen inspiration for users working on projects involving multiple devices and collaborative tasks, such as large-scale projects or design work.

Optimizing the function in multi-mode connectivity and switching, the addition of a mode switch button at the bottom integrates 2.4G mode, Bluetooth mode, and power switch functionality into one, simplifying Bluetooth pairing steps for user convenience. This enhancement not only streamlines the process but also enhances responsiveness and stability, resulting in an overall improved experience.

Core Configuration of Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini: Equipped With The Original Phase 3220 High-performance Engine And Aluminum Alloy Hall Magnetic Induction Scroll Wheel

Focusing on quality strategy, our products are tailored to meet the practical needs of users. The MT760 and MT760 Mini are integrated with the original phase 3220 high-performance engine and calibrated core components, enhancing mouse precision. The mouse offers preset DPI values of 800/1000/1200/1600/2400/3200/4000, allowing users to adjust accuracy requirements through DPI buttons. The bottom features Teflon feet pads, suitable for various surfaces such as leather, cloth, paper, resin, etc., with outstanding performance in cross-surface capability, ensuring accurate recognition and precise capture.

As a crucial part of the high-performance standard, achieving a more refined scrolling structure is essential. The middle scroll wheel of the MT760 series features tactile feedback of 1 million clicks and is made of aluminum alloy. This not only enhances the lifespan but also improves the tactile feedback of the scrolling clicks. The scroll wheel employs a Hall magnetic induction side scroll wheel, ensuring precise scrolling control for smoother multitasking, flexibility, and convenience, while also providing better quietness. The aluminum alloy material enhances the visual texture, ensuring more accurate and smooth movement in software applications such as Excel and Photoshop.

Core Configuration of Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini: Up to 160 Hours of Wireless Battery Life, With Wireless Charging Expansion

Battery life is an attention point for consumers. Rapoo adopts a solution approach that combines hardware and software optimization, employing self-developed energy-saving technology to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. Whether it's the MT760 or MT760 Mini, both are equipped with an 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Charging via the USB-C port takes approximately 3 hours to reach full capacity. With a full charge, the wireless 2.4G connection provides continuous usage for up to 160 hours, while the Bluetooth connection offers a maximum continuous usage of approximately 150 hours. To facilitate charging, a magnetic wireless charging module expansion compartment is located at the bottom of the mouse (wireless charging module sold separately), which also serves as a receiver storage compartment, addressing users' concerns about power usage.

Core Configuration of Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini: Customizable 1+10 Programmable Buttons For Windows System

The MT760 and MT760 Mini mouse come with dedicated drivers that offer customization options. In 2.4G mode and wired mode, an additional DIY independent button is added at the bottom, expanding the playability. The parameter mode allows for high freedom in defining functions and prevents accidental touches. With 10 basic function buttons, users can configure various extended functions through the driver, simplifying common specific applications, handling complex tasks with a single click, and showcasing a professional business style.

Driver: https://www.rapoo.com/search?kw=MT760%2FMT760+mini

The Rapoo MT760 & MT760 Mini multi-mode wireless mice integrate both hardware and software technologies, embodying the concept of "smart" and "convenient" interaction. Leveraging the brand's technological strength features such as "differentiated segmentation for hand types," "multi-mode wireless connectivity," "M+ wireless cross-screen transmission technology," and "Hall magnetic induction side scroll wheel with dedicated drivers" empower the product comprehensively. This enables efficient collaboration across systems and devices, providing a seamless cross-screen experience across various scenarios and multiple terminals.

To address effective collaboration across multiple screens and devices in a multi-screen usage scenario, the Rapoo MT760/MT760 Mini multi-mode wireless mouse offers core capabilities by integrating software and hardware. With features like "Multi-mode wireless connectivity" and "M+ wireless cross-screen technology," the mouse empowers users with an "intelligent" and "convenient" interactive approach, presenting smart office solutions in a tangible form.

Experience the all-new convenience of office productivity with just a click right now.

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