Separate key pre-calibrated, Rapoo C+click button technology

Separate key pre-calibrated, Rapoo C+click button technology

What’s the driver for the wireless gaming market? How to find the key to certainty in an uncertain environment. The answer for Rapoo is “ technical innovation”


The market drivers for wireless gaming mice include increasing demand for freedom of movement, convenience, and flexibility in gaming setups. To find certainty in uncertain environments, key factors to consider are product reliability, low latency performance, battery life, connectivity stability, and compatibility with gaming platforms and software. Conducting thorough research, reading user reviews, and analyzing technical specifications can help identify reliable wireless gaming mice with the desired features and performance.


However, touch sensation is the most sensitive sense for gamers, as a delicate and precise experience can effectively provide tactile feedback to the brain's nerves, allowing for a comprehensive adrenaline rush. In the context of dissecting the haptic feedback market, Rapoo has developed C+click technology with separate key pre-actuation calibration, ensuring consistent key feel and trigger rebound adjustment.


Compared to the traditional structure of gaming mice, the Rapoo C+ Click technology has made a completely new structural adjustment. It separates the left and right micro switch PCB boards from the PCB main board and adds a pre-load torsion spring, allowing independent adjustment of button feel without interfering with each other. This solves the issue of inconsistent button rebound feel caused by different grips and grip styles, significantly improving the consistency of button presses and avoiding the empty cavity sound of mouse buttons.

Consistency calibration of key feel

Rapoo wireless gaming mice in both hardware and software aspects. With meticulous disassembly and implementation, they address the stability, smoothness, and precision of the wireless experience based on V+ wireless technology and 4K wireless esports gaming technology. They also incorporate C+ Click separated button pre-load calibration technology to achieve a deeper level of tactile refinement, simplifying customization to a considerable extent. This elevates the overall gaming experience to a new level.

By separating the left and right micro switch PCB boards, it becomes more convenient to independently calibrate the primary buttons of the mouse. This adjustment allows for a comprehensive adaptation to different grips and grip styles by calibrating the front, middle, and rear sections of each individual button. As a result, even during intense gameplay moments that require significant button pressing, a consistent and uniform feel can be maintained across different pressure points. Combined with a powerful wireless technology solution, this further enhances the smooth and enjoyable competitive gaming experience for players.

Key trigger rebound calibration

The C+ Click technology ensures a quick and crisp trigger with snappy rebound feedback. While maintaining a consistent button feel, C+ Click enhances the perception of both trigger and rebound experiences. By adding a pre-load torsion spring, it reduces the gap between the micro switch contacts and the button when triggered, minimizing the rebound travel and significantly improving stability. This design reduces collision friction and impact force between the button and its positioning mechanism, minimizing key travel distance, eliminating empty cavity sound, and providing a clear and firm tactile sensation with a distinct confirmation sound.

The V+ wireless technology enhances wireless stability, while the 4K esports gaming technology delivers powerful responsiveness and precision. The C+ Click separated button pre-load calibration technology provides advanced and high-quality tactile feedback to enhance the gaming experience.


Rapoo's core peripheral technology, the "+ Plan," aims to provide the pure joy of ultimate control and unlock the new benchmark for wireless gaming mice through integrated technologies.