Wireless Speed Upgrade: RAPOO Unveils 4K Wireless Esports Gaming Technology

The Significance of 4KHz: What is It All About?

To a certain extent, the trend of "wireless gaming scenarios," the demand for "ultimate wireless gaming experiences," and the advancement of "wireless technology" can be seen as an answer. For 4K technology, Rapoo has always been seeking the best solution for the present.


Rapoo has had stronger control and self-research capabilities in "wireless technology," giving it a competitive advantage. In 2011, Rapoo introduced a 5G transmission technology wireless solution, followed by the popularization of multi-mode wireless technology in 2017. In 2021, Rapoo unveiled the new peripheral popularization technology "+" Plan and joined the SparkLink Wireless Communication System in 2022 to promote the standardization of short-range wireless technology. That same year, the V+ wireless gaming technology achieved four major advantages in wireless gaming mice: a 10m+ long-distance range, triple anti-interference technology, low latency, and up to 185 hours of battery life. Therefore, in terms of 4K technology, Rapoo has more mature algorithm strategies.


Having undergone innovations in multiple dimensions, this is Rapoo's relentless pursuit of the ultimate wireless gaming operation scenario. The "+" Plan, the release of 4K wireless esports gaming technology, serves as a window to enhance the interaction experience between gamers and games, popularize the standard for true game response speed, and unleash players' maximum potential.


Core Strengths: The Four Advantages of 4K Technology

When computers are configured for multitasking purposes, such as gaming, entertainment, design work, and media production, clear display effects and smoother cursor tracking become essential requirements for agility and versatility. Rapoo combines professional hardware chips with intelligent algorithms to improve mouse stability and achieve smoother tracking, thereby showcasing the ecosystem of wireless gaming hardware and elevating the overall competitiveness of wireless gaming mice.


What is a 4KHz polling rate? The common polling rate between a mouse's MCU and a computer is 125Hz, which means the MCU sends data to the computer every 8 milliseconds. However, in 4K mode, the polling rate is 0.25 milliseconds, allowing for higher data exchange frequency and obtaining more coordinate data in the same time frame to enhance positioning accuracy. A higher polling rate results in lower latency. In theory, a higher polling rate can better leverage the performance of the mouse.


Experience True Smoothness: Smoother Tracking and Hand Movement

As an industry leader in both hardware and software tuning, delivering smoothness, accuracy, and comfort are the presentation standards for Rapoo's 4K technology. The key lies in successfully translating hardware changes into consumer experience optimizations through a combination of software and hardware. Rapoo's first 4K wireless receiver, featuring 4K technology as the optimal solution, supports three polling rate options: 4KHz, 2KHz, and 1KHz. Leveraging high-end sensors, it adapts to players' devices, reduces cursor stuttering, and ensures smoother movement.


Faster Response Speed for More Responsive Gameplay

Increasing the polling rate is a process, and the experience is the true result. A wireless gaming mouse that supports a 4KHz polling rate not only possesses the powerful weapon of V+ wireless gaming technology but also has the ability to wield this weapon effectively, resulting in a lower-latency experience. With polling rates of 4KHz, 2KHz, and 1KHz, the response time is 0.25ms, 0.5ms, and 1ms, respectively. This allows competitive players to enjoy smoother gameplay and faster response speed.


Synonymous with Accuracy: Improved Precision in Cursor Movement

The term "accuracy" is represented by the pronoun "it." For more accurate reproduction, higher precision in movement is crucial. Higher return rate becomes more important for high refresh rate displays as it allows for sending more current data to match the faster refresh rate of the display, reducing frame drops and lag. Rapoo's gaming mouse, which supports 4K wireless esports technology, achieves smoothness, accuracy, and a detailed experience. The popularization of this technology will also bring a better and more comprehensive gaming experience.


Standardization of Wireless Technology Evolution and Integration

To fully unleash the potential of 4K, which is a fusion of wireless technology and gaming, besides having excellent hardware, more delicate optimization is required in software. 4K brings higher power consumption compared to 2K and 1K resolutions. Rapoo combines 4K wireless esports technology with Rapoo V+ wireless gaming technology to leverage the experiential advantages of 4K technology. It can provide leading wireless performance at a native 4KHz reporting rate and, with corresponding software algorithm optimization, reduce power consumption to some extent.


Technological innovation leads to enhanced experiences. New tracks require new rules to make gaming experiences smoother, hero clashes clearer, and participation more immersive. Rapoo's gaming V series has completed algorithm upgrades and introduced 4K wireless esports technology. The 4K signal receiver module fully utilizes the capabilities of the chip, reducing transmission latency while providing a more stable signal, offering a solution for players pursuing wireless excellence.