Discover 2023 Red Dot Award-Winning Products Of Rapoo

​Take a look at the award-winning Rapoo VT9 lightweight dual-mode wireless gaming mouse, Rapoo MT760L multi-mode wireless mouse, and Rapoo MV300 wireless vertical mouse - examples of the innovative power of Chinese design and continuous breakthroughs in independent research and development that bagged the 2023 Red Dot Design Award.

Embodying a pure design philosophy and pioneering innovative technology, we redefine the value of mouse usage.

The wireless gaming mouse VT9 combines lightweight design with V+ wireless gaming technology, unlocking more possibilities for a superior hand feel.

The business mouse MT760L incorporates the electromagnetic scroll wheel and M+ wireless cross-screen transmission technology, reshaping a new experience of sustainable intelligent office work.

The ergonomic vertical mouse MV300, with a golden vertical angle of 58° and an environmentally sustainable design concept, maximizes your hand comfort while working.

Derived from the problem, towards the solution, Rapoo focuses on user experience in terms of quality and professional usage, providing products that are comfortable for both the individual and others, genuinely ready to enter the consumer market.



With a pure design concept and pioneering innovation in technology, the value of the mouse is reshaped. The wireless gaming mouse VT9 combines "a lightweight design and V+ wireless gaming technology for more possibilities in hand feel.Our VT9 gaming mouse is a star option for any player who craves performance, plus ultra-long battery life, and a featherweight feel that begs to be held. The sporty ABS ultra-thin shell is streamlined like a race car, while the lightweight design (78g) and non-perforated body ensure sturdy comfort for endurance gaming sessions.

With the support of Rapoo V+ wireless gaming technology for low latency, long battery life, long distance, and anti-interference, the 1ms response speed delivers a gaming experience comparable to wired mice with imperceptible latency. The Pixart 3399 optical sensor, 50-20,000 DPI, 650 IPS tracking speed, 50G acceleration, and 1000Hz polling Rate ensure precise control at every step. The built-in 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, combined with Rapoo's intelligent algorithm, achieves up to 160 hours of wireless battery life. The personalized open-core adds value with a hidden magnetic storage compartment and wireless charging module expansion slot at the bottom, creating an immersive wireless gaming experience.


The MT760L mouse prioritizes ergonomics, with appropriate materials and technology in every detail. The bow-shaped main body, asymmetric design, hard rubber sunburst texture on left and right buttons, and soft rubber top cover with large side wings all embody the core aesthetics of minimalism.

With technological advantages, business work becomes smarter, enabling multi-device use across various scenarios. M+ wireless cross-screen transmission technology allows seamless switching between multiple computers for office work, with precise control and a quiet electromagnetic side scroll wheel. The 500,000-step aluminum alloy middle scroll wheel, Bluetooth 5.0/3.0, and 2.4G wireless, 4-speed real-time DPI adjustment button, and up to 8 customizable buttons combine appearance aesthetics and functional compatibility.


The MV300 wireless vertical mouse incorporates sustainable development concepts into product design, using durable silicone materials. By recombining straight lines, curves, and surfaces, the mouse provides users with a more flexible and comfortable experience. The delicate frosted surface treatment, rubber hole design on both sides, and skin-like material with horizontal anti-slip stripes create a comfortable hand feel, delicate texture, and excellent anti-slip effect, returning to a comfortable and relaxed usage state.

Focusing on user needs in real-world use scenarios, exploring structure and craftsmanship, and cleverly combining tactile details and functionality, Rapoo's industrial design innovation capabilities were highlighted in the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award with three product awards, providing users with multiple choices that best suit them. In the future, Rapoo Technology is committed to leveraging design and technology to deliver enhanced products that are functional and comfortable for users in their daily lives and range of application scenarios.