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Rapoo launched its domestic market strategy in 2007 with the introduction of its own brand - RAPOO. The company’s management philosophy focuses on "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation", motivated by meeting customer demands. Rapoo has built a sound after-sales service system, fully developed multi-channel advantages and achieved a win-win situation with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners. Within the past three years, with its expansion in the global market and excellent product quality, Rapoo has won praise from dozens of Chinese and international industry media, and received nearly 70 rewards.

Integrating the product philosophy of "practical functionalism" with the design style of "modern pragmatism", Rapoo strives to provide people with the enjoyment of "comfortable wireless" , all in the spirit of professionalism and dedication. Using powerful technologies, Rapoo people always perform well on the international wireless peripherals stage to drive the popularization of wireless peripherals technologies in the world.

Looking to the future, Rapoo will continue to focus on social welfare undertakings and embrace its corporate social responsibilities. It will promote the establishment of industry standards, take improving the quality of life as its mission and build a broader future for wireless peripherals.

10 Years of Innovation--Rapoo Decennial Video