3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless Qi Charging

Worry-free wireless charging: The XC600 wireless charging stand is compatible with all smartphones (iOS and Android) supporting the Qi charging standard. Simply charge your phone by placing it on the stand both horizontally and vertically, it’s as easy as that.

Fast charging

Ready to go when you are: Designed to deliver fast-charging speed with 7.5 W of power to iPhone models and 10 W to Samsung phones, this charging base spares your time. Simply leave your phone on the stand while getting ready to go, while working or before sleep.

Premium design with aluminum finish

Slimline, elegant and practical: With its elegant design with an aluminum finish and compact body, this three-in-one wireless charging stand fits well within any workspace or living environment adding more style and convenience to your space. XC600 also enables you to charge your phone with your phone case (recommended case thickness not more than 4 mm).

Over-temperature and overcharge protection

Better safe than sorry: XC600 is equipped with all essential protection for your smartphone and to ensure safe durable use of the charging pad. Over-temperature protection (OTP) ensures the device operates within the maximum safe temperature preventing any related damage. The overcharging protection (OVP) is designed to protect the battery of your smartphone.