In-ear Headphones

Lightweight Aluminum;Color your Life;Oxygen-Free Copper Cable;Supreme Sound Quality ;Compatible with many devices

Lightweight Aluminum

The lightweight high grade aluminum body is designed for your comfort and ensures a superior audio experience without unwanted resonance.

Color your Life

The aluminum body is micro-arc oxidated and has a ceramic coating which prevent corrosion and abrasion. Color your life without limits and concessions.

Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

The core wires of the cable are made from oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a purity of up to 99.995%. This ensures excellent clarity and prevents distortions in the audio transmission.

Supreme Sound Quality

Listen to music the way the artist wants it to sound. Authentic and natural with a deep and precise bass, clear highs and impressive mids.

Compatible with many devices

Connect these headphones to your smartphone. The microphone and multifunction button, allow you to make and answer calls.