RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Full mechanical keys, conflict-free design for all keys; High-speed response; Programmable keys; Onboard memory, save and play; Online firmware update; Adjust RGB backlight freely;

Full mechanical keys, conflict-free design for all keys

Mechanical key switches, a single key life of up to 60 million operations, making it durable and reliable in your game. Conflict-free design for 113 keys on the keyboard, allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously, ensuring your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.

High-speed response

With Rapoo's brand-new gaming chip , 32-bit ARM M3 core, up to 70MHz frequency and 1000 Hz USB report rate, the V800S makes you more comfortable in your game.

Programmable keys

All keys on the keyboard are programmable (including single keys, combination keys and macro keys) in the game mode. The simplified game operations allow you to always be one step ahead.

Onboard memory, save and play

Built-in Flash memory can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode. You can play in the way you want it on any computer without the help of any software.

Online firmware update

You can update the firmware program in the driver to optimise your keyboard performance.

Adjust RGB backlight freely

A variety of built-in cool breath mode, brand-new RGB backlight,You can customize any color and breathing mode in the driver.You can also share your light profile to others by your driver,making your fighting weapon cooler.