MMO laser gaming mouse

•High-speed response •Accurate tracking •Onboard memory, save and play •Online firmware update •16-million-color smart proximity sensing breathing light •Adjustable weight,up to 11 programmable buttons

High-speed response
With Rapoo's brand-new gaming chip V-power3,32-bit ARM core, 60MHz running frequency and 1 ms USB report rate, the V910 gives you more confortable in your game.
Accurate tracking
The professional gaming sensor with a moving speed of up to 150ips and 30G acceleration supports free adjustment from 100 to 8200dpi and a lift-off distance of 1 to 5 mm through the driver, ensuring accurate tracking anytime and anywhere.
Onboard memory, save and play
Built-in Flash memory can save three mouse configurations (macro, DPI setting and breathing light mode) simultaneously on the hardware level in the game mode. You can switch freely between the three configurations. The red,different lights respectively indicate different configurations. You can play the way you want it, on any computer without the help of any software.
Online firmware update
You can update your mouse firmware to the latest revision (Please download firmware programs from our Rapoo website).
16-million-color smart proximity sensing breathing light
The color and lighting mode of the customizable 16-million-color breathing light can be adjusted through the driver. Including APM breathing mode,full spectrum mode , proximity sensing mode,making your fighting weapon more cool
Adjustable weight,up to 11 programmable buttons
Designed for right-handed users, with up to 11 programmable buttons. Extremely comfortable grip for the perfect game control.