Optical Gaming Mouse

•Ergonomic design •Customisable real-time resolution adjustment •Onboard memory, save and play •Accurate navigation •16-million-color smart proximity sensing breathing light

Ergonomic design

Designed for right-handed users, with up to five programmable buttons. Extremely comfortable grip for the perfect game control

Customisable real-time resolution adjustment

In the game mode, you can select three DPI values from 500/1000/1250/1500/1750/2000/3000 in order to meet the accuracy and speed you need in different games

Onboard memory, save and play

Built-in memory to save the mouse configuration (macro, DPI setting and breathing light mode) in the game mode. You can play in the way you want it on any computer without the help of any software

Accurate navigation

Professional gaming optical engine, with 6400 FPS image processing speed, 60 inches / s tracking speed and up to 1000 times per second USB polling rate, ensuring accurate tracking, anytime. anywhere

16-million-color smart proximity sensing breathing light

The color and lighting mode of the customizable 16-million-color breathing light can be adjusted through the driver. Including APM breathing mode,full spectrum mode , proximity sensing mode,making your fighting weapon cooler