Wireless Laser Touch Mouse

• Reliable 5G wireless transmission • Flawless tracking on almost any surface • Stylish and durable materials • Multiple touch gestures • Ultra-low power consumption for long battery life • Ultra-small Nano receiver • Classical Black and white design

Reliable 5G wireless transmission

Reliable 5GHz wireless transmission far away from the interference of 2.4GHz wireless, bluetooth and WiFi devices.

Advanced laser engine for flawless tracking on almost any surface

The high-performance laser engine enables you to use the T8 on almost any surface, with high-speed response and unrivaled accuracy.

Stylish and durable materials

A stylish and portable mouse with streamlined appearance. The special matte touch surface provides excellent slip-resistance and a comfortable feeling. The durable aluminum alloy bottom cover completes the design.

Multiple touch gestures

Navigate in Windows 8 with easy and intuitive movements of your fingers, like 4-way scrolling, zoom-in, zoom-out, etc. The driver allows you to assign customized functions to different gestures.

Ultra-low power consumption for long battery life

With Rapoo's ultra-low-power R58 processor, well-designed circuit and power switch, you can use your mouse without power interruption for up to 9 months.

Ultra-small Nano receiver

The new generation ultra-mini Nano receiver is almost part of the connected device. You can completely forget it is there.