Wireless Optical Combo

•Reliable 2.4G wireless connection •5.6mm ultra-slim design with brushed stainless steel •Plug-and-forget NANO receiver •1000 DPI tracking engine •Long battery life •Media control

Reliable 2.4G wireless connection

Reliable 2.4G wireless connection up to 10 meters.

5.6mm ultra-slim design with brushed stainless steel

The 5.6mm ultra-thin stylish design, brushed stainless steel base and scissor key structure, ensure unrivaled comfort and reliability.

1000 DPI tracking engine

You will enjoy responsive and smooth cursor control with the 1000 DPI invisible tracking engine.

Long battery life

With Rapoo's energy saving technology and power switch , you can use your keyboard for up to 24 months and the mouse for 18 months without power interruption.

Media control

Fn keys give you quick access to media player, homepage, volume adjustment, etc.