Firmware Upgrade! OTA Wireless 8K Technology

Experience Rapoo's Enhanced Gaming Capabilities with OTA Wireless 8K Acceleration


The latest OTA update brings a significant boost to the performance of the OTA wireless 8K functionality! Experience a comprehensive acceleration in gaming performance with the Rapoo 4K wireless + 8K wired gaming mouse, now powered by Realtek chip technology. Enjoy the convenience, stability, and an overall enriched gaming experience.


Rapoo's gaming hardware lineup, featuring Realtek chip integration, takes it up a notch by enabling online firmware updates for both the receiver and mouse via the driver. Elevate your gaming experience with an upgraded OTA wireless 8K polling rate, supporting an impressive maximum of 125μs (0.125ms) wireless response speed. This surpasses the responsiveness of traditional mice utilizing a 1000Hz polling rate, ensuring smoother and more precise movements. Experience interactions at a microsecond-level speed, enabling faster and more accurate gameplay.


In wireless mode, players have the flexibility of choosing from multiple polling rates ranging from 8000Hz to 125Hz, providing a comprehensive spectrum of options tailored to individual preferences. Exclusive to Rapoo's native 4K wireless + 8K wired mouse products, the OTA wireless 8K feature sets a new standard for gaming peripherals.


Moreover, the OTA upgrade introduces a range of personalized features, enhancing your gaming arsenal:

· Explore added functionalities such as Move Sync, Straight Line Correction, and Ripple Correction Switch, enriching your gaming strategies.

· Benefit from the asymmetric button anti-bounce delay feature, allowing for independent adjustment of delay duration for click and release button, catering to your specific gaming style.

· Customize sleep duration settings for increased control over power management, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your preferences.


With these enhancements, Rapoo's gaming ecosystem empowers players with unparalleled control, responsiveness, and customization options, setting new benchmarks for gaming peripherals in the industry. Experience the next level of gaming excellence with Rapoo's cutting-edge technology and unparalleled innovation.