Introducing the Rapoo VT9PRO 4K, now upgraded to 8K, designed for medium to large hands and retaining wireless charging

Speed enthusiasts, meet the pinnacle of performance with Rapoo products! With outstanding performance and excellent battery life, the Rapoo VT9PRO promises unwavering fighting power.

Following the success of the Rapoo VT9Air Dual High-Speed Dual Mode, Rapoo Gaming continues to redefine "ultimate speed." Introducing the medium to large hand-sized VT9PRO 4K Dual High-Speed Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse, featuring strengthened 4K wireless + 8K wired eSports technology with a lower latency of 125μs. Wireless charging expansion and the nano 4K battery display receiver effectively alleviate concerns about power usage. The VT9PRO showcases absolute strength in endurance, speed, performance, and high benchmark quality, epitomizing "advanced micro-operation."

Through meticulous hardware research and optimization with robust software algorithms, we've enhanced the potential of wireless gaming, once again rewriting the standards of speed!

Trendy yet ergonomic: Approximately 68 grams in medium to large hand design, available in three debut colors: "Transparent Purple," "Transparent Blue," and "Black."

Performance beyond just speed: Equipped with superior sensory nerves for exceptional operation, featuring the customized original phase 3398 engine (3395 High Edition) with 11 adjustable LODs. Comes with a miniature nano 4K receiver.

Evolutionary yet technological: With an 800mAh lithium battery, it boasts an impressive battery life of up to 180 hours. Omron 60 million-click micro switches. Three self-developed hardcore eSports technologies: 4K wireless + 8K wired eSports technology enhances speed, V+WIRELESS wireless gaming technology strengthens stability, and C+click separate pre-pressure button adjustment technology enhances consistency.

Indulge in dopamine-fueled sensory transmission, redefining the "fast, accurate, stable" professional-grade "supersonic eSports" experience!

【Transparent Purple】:

Land of star mines, illuminated by auroras, intertwined light and shadow, palpable sensations.

【Transparent Blue】:

The convergence of star rivers, layers of frost shadows, woven inspirations, the birth of a new illusion.


Chasing stars, racing into the night, pioneering posture, leaping beyond.

Diverse materials and textures, expressing unique eSports sensations.

The highly recognizable VT9 series, with pioneer colors and dual materials, unleashes its personality genes. The VT9PRO 4K Dual High-Speed Dual Mode embodies refined hand feel for medium to large hands, weighing approximately 68g, covering a range of new colors: 【Transparent Purple】, 【Transparent Blue】, 【Black】. Coordinated ABS material shell creates two visual effects: translucent and solid colors, communicating visual sensations. High-visibility line surface design, breaking into aesthetic realms, dynamically flowing lines outline dynamic ergonomic shapes, providing comprehensive comfort. Natural waistline conforms to ergonomic design.

More than just 180 hours of battery life, setting high standards to eliminate power anxiety

Full charge eliminates worries. The VT9PRO 4K Dual High-Speed Dual Mode features an internal 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, providing full power and extending battery life up to 180 hours. It also supports an extended wireless charging module or touch point charging module (wireless or touch point charging module sold separately). 3 hours to fully charge, navigate with ease, and experience limitless endurance!

Intuitive and convenient! Equipped with a miniature nano 4K battery display receiver out of the box, drive battery display, taskbar battery display, and perceive current remaining battery percentage everywhere. With both software and hardware support, three modes offer the ultimate power experience.

Lightweight yet premium experience, perfermance dictates high standards

Is performance in the era of mass eSports just about the standard 3395? PixArt and Rapoo Gaming's upgrade strategy, the VT9PRO Dual High-Speed Dual Mode equipped with the custom-made phase 3398 optical engine (3395 High Edition), opens up 11 adjustable silent high-LOD heights for control. With 50-26000DPI, starting from scene-based needs, preset 7 basic DPI switches, support players to adjust step by step in units of 50DPI, directly penetrating senses with a strong aura.

Rapid advancement once again, setting standards above the standard. Based on Rapoo's V+ wireless gaming technology intelligent algorithm, speed genes and hardcore eSports genes are once again strongly linked, upgrading to 4K wireless + 8K wired eSports gaming technology, with a maximum 4000Hz wireless reporting rate of up to 250μs (0.25ms) response speed; wired mode supports 8000Hz ultra-speed line reporting rate, with a maximum 125μs (0.125ms) response speed, outstanding technology, silky smooth breakthroughs, and more precise operational sensations enhance sensory intelligence.

The VT9PRO 4K dual high-speed dual mode mouse maintains the C+ click separation button technology, comprehensively enhancing the consistency of trigger feedback. Featuring pre-loaded springs paired with Omron's 60 million crisp microswitches, the mouse delivers passionate and exhilarating speed feedback. Equipped with a gaming-grade scroll wheel rated for 1 million cycles, it perfectly embodies the essence of extreme speed.

With computational power combined, Rapoo's self-developed V+ Wireless gaming technology ensures infinite wireless responsiveness, featuring long-distance capability, anti-interference, low power consumption, and extended battery life, providing four hardcore enhancements for wireless gaming operations. With a wireless transmission distance of over 10 meters, onboard antennas, adaptive signal enhancement, and frequency-shift adjustment, three technologies combat interference. Realtek's low-power consumption chipset, paired with Rapoo's self-developed intelligent power-saving algorithm, intelligently allocates resources based on the usage environment, comprehensively enhancing battery life.

Can players have more freedom in customization? The VT9PRO 4K dual high-speed dual mode mouse provides the answer: Under Windows system, 1+9 custom buttons are available, including 9 basic function buttons and 1 bottom anti-mistouch DIY button, allowing for comprehensive expansion of personalized driver functions and parameter mode settings. It comes with multiple sets of onboard storage and intelligent cloud storage for configuration files, enabling seamless switching between multiple scenarios.

Featuring a streamlined mouse bottom shell design and precise placement of 5 PTFE Teflon feet, it offers a highly responsive and agile moving experience. The magnetic storage compartment snaps into place, following the usage path, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience, addressing concerns about receiver loss. The rich accessories further enhance the overall mouse experience.

The Rapoo VT9PRO 4K dual high-speed dual mode wireless gaming mouse, with a weight of approximately 68 grams and a large-hand pioneering visual experience, is speeding in with upgraded 4K wireless + 8K wired esports technology! The C+ click separation button technology and V+ Wireless gaming technology showcase three self-developed technologies, interpreting the essence of extreme hardcore! Unmatched speed!

Exquisite performance, outstanding battery life, with no loss of combat effectiveness.