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With its nature of pursuing excellence, RAPOO is going to launch the high-end VT series!

What Is VT?

The smart VT series is specially designed for E-sports;

It inherits the traits of competitive video gaming from previous series;

Its overwhelming strength, created as the times require, will surpass the performance of any player using V series.

Where Is VT from?

It is from V-Tech, indicating high technology;

from Various Tatents, a bunch of outstanding creators;

and from Victory and Triumph, representing a win of intelligence.

Your E-sports devices should be chosen by your own.

The VT series breaks both normal rules and its own limits because repetition is never in the dictionary of RAPOO.

Now it’s time to unveil real high technology!

With the advent of RAPOO’s latest high-end VT series, a new era of E-sports is coming!


Dual Connection Modes

Both wired and wireless modes of connection are available. As the scenario of gaming changes, your chance of losing a battle is also increasing.

Wireless Charging

The electromagnetic resonance technology is used to ensure continuous battery charging for compatible wireless mice and smart phones.

Option for Two Colors

The painstaking processing on each detail gives superior quality to product appearance.

Customizable OLED Display

Equipped with the OLED display screen, the product series enables you to sense the actual performance status. Moreover, you can doodle on the screen as you wish!

Radiant RGB Light

The independent RGB light control set in two parts supports thousands of color combinations.

High Durability

The built-in micro switch has received repeated debugging to ensure over 50 million clicks in actual use. The pressure of clicking is evenly distributed on the button, making each click quick and smooth.

High-Quality Infrared Sensor

The product is equipped with the optical gaming sensor PMW3389 that recovers each tiny operation and delivers the relaxation and fun of games.

Powerful Chip

Thanks to the powerful VT-tailored chip, the product’s performance in E-sports is given a full play and allows players to enjoy any game.



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