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RAPOO in 2017 IFA: Showing Multiple Star Products

and the Acceleration of Its Internationalized Pace


On September 1, 2017, the International Radio Exhibition Berlin (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin or IFA), which is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibitions, was staged as scheduled. Technology giants around the world gathered in Berlin, Germany, to make achievements together in this grand meeting.

The IFA is one of the most important consumer electronics exhibitions in Europe and the world, and also renowned as a world’s top 3 electronics exhibition with the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC). In recent years, in the context of China’s economic development and continuous technology strength enhancement, Chinese enterprises start to emerge on the stage of the IFA and compete with global technology giants. As a famous brand in the PC peripherals area of the world, RAPOO has appeared in the IFA for successive years. This year, carrying multiple star products, RAPOO again landed Berlin to show the strength of intelligent manufacturing of China to the world.    

Among numerous products displayed, the three new products launched in this year - MT750, 3510Plus, and V700RGB Alloy Version - were the most eye-catching. The MT750 high-end office mouse is a key office product created by RAPOO this year. Its delicate design and powerful performance have attracted intensive attention since it was on the market. Three modes (Wireless 2.4G/Bluetooth 3.0/Bluetooth 4.0) are built in, allowing MT750 to match up with four devices by one-key switching, and meet users’ different needs. The one-key switching is also used to flexibly and smartly control four DPI ranges (600/1200/1600/3200). Thanks to the high-performance laser sensor, MT750 can surf on the surface of various medium instead of being limited by material, which brings more convenient and comfortable operation.

RAPOO has never stopped the exploration of new technology and kept a sensitivity to cutting-edge fashion. The 3510Plus wireless mouse, which was extremely popular in the market of the first half year, is the outcome of RAPOO’s continuous innovation and exploration. The specially selected cloth material covered on the housing of 3510Plus delivers a sense of vintage and simplicity. With its small size, lightness, and portability, the mouse is adaptable to any conditions in travel, in the office or for entertainment. 3510plus is equipped with the 2.4G wireless technology that supports a 10-meter connection scope, the sensitivity of 1000DPI ensuring that the mouse has consistent reactions to hand movements, and the battery life up to 12 months that provides a strong guarantee for endurable use in work and life.

In previous international exhibitions, RAPOO’s V series of game peripherals were always the focus of global game players’ attention. In this IFA, RAPOO showed dozens of products that keep commanding the leading position in the game peripherals area, among which the .most remarkable product must be V700RGB Alloy Version. This keyboard is characterized by its light modes: it has 19 types of preset light effects, and can realize more custom-built effects via the drive. In terms of workmanship, the surface uses an Al-alloy cover and extremely narrowed frame design, and the edge is made by CNC, the same processing as Apple’s products. Additionally, V700RGB Alloy Version is equipped with RAPOO MX switches (Black/Blue/Brown), which are independently developed and repeatedly adjusted by RAPOO’s technical team. The life of a single key switch reaches up to 60 million times that have comprehensively surpassed German Cherry switches. By combining RAPOO’s third generation key switches with light pipes for adaptive SMD LED, the keyboard displays more even light transmission that gives the player double enjoyment in terms of touch and vision.

Strength forges quality, and innovation ushers in success. In the 2017 IFA, in virtue of its creative spirit and numerous hot products, RAPOO received unanimous acknowledgement and praise from the foreign media and consumers. As the leading brand in the domestic peripherals market, by virtue of complete product lines, first-class industrial design, internationalized quality and other advantages, RAPOO has been leading the development of the PC peripherals and digital electronics industries for 15 years from its establishment, and finally become the pride of Made in China. In the future, RAPOO will continue to focus on quality, deepen innovation, and persist in the orientation to user needs. Meanwhile, we will accelerate the internationalized strategic pace, actively promote RAPOO’s brand internationalization, and show the new image of intelligent manufacturing of China to the world.  

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