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Five Fashionable Colors:

The Aesthetics of the RAPOO 3500P Wireless Optical Mouse


Let colors light up your life and work!

The RAPOO 3500P wireless optical mouse is an exquisite combination of a frosted tactile surface, bright colors, and a textural effect felt when touched.

Simplicity is another dimension of aesthetic expression, and the 3500P has minimalist curves that fit perfectly in your palm.

Your new favorite mouse has five colorful meanings. Magic black means wisdom, rationality, reliability, and a calm nature against challenges. Pure white represents purity and simplicity that create an elegant life. Cherry pink brings romantic charm, and the smell of sweetness with every slight touch of your fingers. Lemon yellow is fresh, natural, lively and heartwarming, like the color of blossoming youth under the dawn light. Fantastic blue reminds you of the serenity, elegance, peace and comfort that calm your heart.

The 3500P is a proper size (113 x 64 x 30 mm) for both hands. It features a big advantage in portability with a delicate 60g body and plug-and-play ultra-mini NANO receiver. Stable 2.4G wireless technology covers a 10m transmission distance and effectively prevents the mouse link from jamming. As an efficient productivity tool, battery life is 9 months, and it is adaptable to different surfaces with the 1000 DPI HD invisible tracking engine. This is a highly reliable and durable mouse. Thanks to the Teflon bottom mat, the mouse can move around flexibly even when frequently clicked during intensive work.

Five fashionable colors reflect the beauty of lightness! The RAPOO 3500P wireless optical mouse gives you the power of control!

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