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The 10th Anniversary of Rapoo:

Moving Ahead with Dreams and an Outstanding Ten-Year Reputation


In the past ten years, the mouse and keyboard redefined the power of popularization.

The design became increasingly appealing and demonstrates its strong vitality.

In ten years, a newborn brand has grown in a unique way.  

On May 18, 2017, Rapoo officially marked its 10th birthday anniversary, and the realization of dreams and intelligence.

The focus on creating ideal products is still strong. It represents discovery, boldness, accumulation, the spiritual fusion between industrial product design and human arts, and the continuous impetus to break the boundaries of the peripheral equipment industry. This has led to Rapoo’s transition and persistence during the past ten years and inspired Rapoo to keep moving ahead with passion.


In the past ten years, our steps forward never faltered after the magnificent achievements. In the next ten years, we will keep forging ahead to scale the highest peaks of our dreams.


Hero of Chaos: The Rapoo 7100 series of 2.4GHz wireless optical mice  


Pioneer of Popularization: The Rapoo 1800 - 2.4GHz wireless optical mouse and keyboard combos


Domestic Quality Product: The Rapoo V5 - the first gaming keyboard masterpiece


Charming Blade: The Rapoo E9270P - winner of the 2013 iF Product Design Award


Hear the Color: The Rapoo A600 - winner of the 2014 iF Product Design Award


Golden Time: The Rapoo Champagne Gold Product Series - leading fashionable peripheral equipment


Genius Favor: The Rapoo V20 Series - individualized products for gaming and e-sports


Joy for your Fingers: The Rapoo T8 - winner of the 2015 iF Product Design Award


Great Talent: The Rapoo S900 - winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award


Wonderful feel and style: The Rapoo 3500PRO - finely crafted fabric wireless optical mouse


Love at First Sight: The Rapoo V500S Crystal Series – high level of craftsmanship in a mechanical keyboard

The ten years of development are only a comma in our story. The Rapoo brand is still following its original goal to continuously surpass the standard, to persistently pursue the best techniques, to subvert traditional design and realize innovation, and to set new records in popularization.  

In the future, we will not complicate products, repeat our design or become arrogant, but keep working, accumulate knowledge, launch outstanding products, and highlight the excellence of our Chinese brand!


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