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Rapoo T8 wins iF Product Design Award 2015


Rapoo is pleased to announce that it has been awarded with the prestigious iF Product Design Award for the fourth consecutive year. The Rapoo Wireless Laser Touch Mouse T8 is the winner of the iF Product Design Award 2015. The German based “Industrie Forum Design” (iF), one of the most renowned international design associations, announced its results for the  2015  iF Product  Design Awards at the end of January 2015, and praised the T8 for its unique and innovative design. The jury also considered criteria such as design quality, workmanship, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualisation of intended use, safety, brand value and branding, and aspects of universal design.

The Rapoo Wireless Laser Touch Mouse T8 boasts a stylish, streamlined design and is available in black and white. The special matte touch surface provides excellent slip-resistance and a comfortable feeling. The durable aluminum alloy bottom cover completes the design. The multi-touch surface offers easy and intuitive navigation, like 4-way scrolling, zoom-in, zoom-out, etc. The driver allows you to assign customized functions to different gestures for full control.

In addition to its unique and elegant appearance, the T8 also impresses with its innovative technological features that optimize performance and enhance user experience and ease of use. The high-performance 1600 dpi laser engine, enables you to use the T8 on almost any surface, with high-speed response and unrivaled accuracy. With Rapoo's ultra-low-power R58 processor, well-designed circuit and power switch, you can use the T8 without power interruption for up to 9 months. Moreover, the reliable 5G wireless transmission avoids interference from widely used 2.4G wireless devices, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, and as a result provides a stable wireless connection. The new generation ultra-mini Nano receiver is almost part of the connected device. You can completely forget it is there.


The Wireless Laser Touch Mouse T8 follows a proud tradition of award-winning Rapoo products - such as the E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard, the E9070 and E9080 2.4GWireless Keyboards (iF Product Design Award 2012), the Wireless Ultra-Slim Touch Keyboard E9270P (iF Product Design Award 2013) and the Bluetooth Portable NFC Speaker A600 (iF Product Design Award 2014).


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