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Fighting For Glory: Royal Won Two Perfect Victories

and Advanced to S4 World Championship


On September 6 and 7 at China preliminary round for LOL S4 final, SH Royal had deadly and brilliant fights with the other three top teams, IG, OMG and LGD, and overcame all obstacles in defeating LGD and OMG, being the first to get one of the two entrance tickets for S4 world championship.


With outstanding game quality and wide popularity, LOL world championship is identified as an official competition by many top e-sport leagues. So far, it has held three competitions, S1, S2, and S3 (“S” stands for “season”). Last year, SH Royal fought out from China preliminary round, attended S3 world championship and won the second, the best performance for Chinese teams. This year, SH Royal will fight for glory and challenge S4 world championship again.


Killing, shouting, glory, gratitude…e-sport competitions are not traditional sports to win traditional sports. To fight for the last two qualification places, all teams gathered all their energy and combated fiercely. SH Royal made a perfect performance at the competition. In the first competition, SH Royal defeated LGD easily at 2:0; in the second competition where SH Royal encountered the old enemy OMG, Uzi proved himself the best ADC with his perfect performance in the competition, SH Royal won a complete victory over OMG at 2:0 and advanced to S4 world championship successfully.


Later, SH Royal, EDG and OMG will go on the expedition in S4 world championship representing China LOL’s highest level of strength. The 16 teams that enter the world championship will be divided into four groups for group competitions first. The draw turned out on early morning of September 9 Beijing time that SH Royal drew Group B and would combat TSM from North America, TPA of GPL, and SK from Europe for the two qualify places of the group in 1/4 finals.


Earlier this year, the well-known China’s wireless peripheral brand RAPOO officially signed SH Royal Club and became its exclusive sponsor in 2014. RAPOO is consistent in supporting SH Royal in its e-sport events, and even launched a Uzi-customized V20 gaming mouse for its key player Uzi, with an eye-catching “Star Horn” Logo at the tail of the mouse.


RAPOO has been working hard at gaming peripherals in recent years, and has provided gamers with a batch of popular gaming mice and mechanical keyboards including V900, V700, V500 and V20 which won much favor in the market, manifesting RAPOO’s return to gaming peripheral products. RAPOO is presently updating gaming peripheral products completely. The upgrade version of V500s and V700S, which will come out soon, will not only be fully customizable, but also has keypad backlight effect. With the full support from RAPOO, SH Royal will shine more brilliantly on the world e-sport stage. 

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