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RAPOO ‘AMAZING’ Global Product Launch 2013


Hongkong, Oct 11th, 2013 - RAPOO, specializing in wireless peripheral technology, held a grand new product launch ceremony, premiering the products that will be manufactured in mass production shortly. Both the remarkable achievement in global branding promotion and sale network establishment as well as a number of directive product planning blueprints were presented during the conference.



RAPOO is looking forward to achieving higher goals and soar for new height with its business partners, and the choice of ICC Sky 100, the ‘highest level’ skyscraper as the location of the conference presented the prefect implication for the new height! Over 300 participants, including journalist from all over the world and the global business partners that helped create a strong atmosphere of enthusiasm in the spot.

RAPOO explained the product classification and future planning by ‘Three screens’ and ‘Four environments’ thinking. The so-called ‘Three screen’ refers to PC screens, mobile phone / tablet screens and smart TV screens, and the ‘Four environments’ mean ‘PC related’, ‘Personal portable’, ‘Family life’ and ‘Game competition’. Having such clear and detailed product strategy, it is anticipated that RAPOO will definitely broaden the range of market domain of the products in future.

There are a number of new products announced this year. In addition to the high-end keyboards and mice that feature unique 5GHz core technology, the recently hot Bluetooth audio products such as wireless speakers and headset were also revealed to the world. As for new products release, there were wireless storage devices, wireless Wi-Fi routers and a new series of gaming peripherals products.

Key products coved in the conference:

E9090P World first 5GHz wireless charging keyboard

RAPOO E9090p not only adopts the energy saving and reliable 5GHz wireless technology, but slim blade design that is welcomed by consumers. It equips with a three-level backlit design so that it can functions normally in dark environment. The key feature of E9090p is the wireless charging design, it can be charged by simply placed on the charging pad, instead of plugging in power cord or replacing battery of it. A complicated glass touch panel, supporting 1 to 4 points gesture manipulation, is attached to each keyboard and is compatible to the user Full Windows 8 GUI. There is one more point to note, users are able to customize the favourite setting of every gesture via the self-developed driver by RAPOO.


A300, A500 NFC Bluetooth Speaker

As more and more people use smartphones and tabletsas music players, the RAPOO A300 and A500 Bluetooth speakers that features high-quality speaker unit and elaborate internal design deliver very good playback volume and excellent sound quality. Both of the products are equipped with NFC for easy Bluetooth pairing, users can complete the pairing procedure and play the music by a simply click between the NFC-enable digital devices and the RAPOOA300 and A500. On top of that, RAPOO has enhanced the driver software development capabilities. As the driver discs with the value added capabilities are included in the keyboard and mice products, related mobile applications (APPs) of the A300 and A500 speaker series are available so users can remote control the speakers.


A300 NFCBluetooth Speaker


A500 NFCBluetooth Speaker

D5 the three-in-one Wi-Fi Storage, Sharing and router

As users are for smaller portable device, RAPOO introduced a three-in-one portable device, which solve the Wi-Fi sharing, mobile storage and backup power needs and avoid the trouble of holding multiple devices. RAPOO D5 combines the functionality of a Wi-Fi router, wireless storage and mobile power bank. The wireless storage functionality presents the great sense of innovation, users are able to store large amount of data in D5 and retrieve it wirelessly by special developed software. RAPOO has revealed that the product of the same series are able to integrated with cloud sever in future, making assessment and management of data be more flexible.


RAPOO V800, V900 Storm the gaming market

Professional gaming market is another target segment for RAPOO this year. RAPOO V800 is the world’s first gaming keyboard with full programmable keys and works without any conflict. It uses RAPOO’s own developed VPro chip to drastically improve the performance so users can customize each single key on the keyboard, greatly enhance the flexibility. In addition, the keyboard comes with 6 level backlit setting in 3 independent parts.The stunning 16 million color effects with prefect gaming experience can be achieve by using the V900 Laser Gaming Mouse in the same series.


Still more to come

RAPOO will continue to strengthen product development on mobile devices and the gaming industry domain, and keep on providing to the worldwide users products with high quality, practicality and reasonable price. By the end of the conference, RAPOO shed the light on the upcoming 2nd generation RATV, which focus on living room entertainment and promote the smart home experience.

Towards the world

Since the company was founded in 2002, RAPOO is working hard to accomplish the goal of becoming an internationally renowned Chinese brand. Over last decade of continuous effort by the RAPOO magic team; there is remarkable performance in product innovation and technology breakthrough. Being the leader in China market for many years, RAPOO starts to develop Asia-Pacific, European and America markets actively. RAPOO has set up branch offices in many foreign countries for local market planning, and by now, RAPOO almost completes its global sales network coverage. In the coming year, RAPOO will continue to strengthen the Asia-Pacific and South America market, to reach it’s goal as international brand.

Mr. Oliver Shi, General Manager of RAPOO APAC said, ‘We started the APAC business since last March, and we have already expanded our business to 14 countries as of today. Our professional team keeps on developing lots of innovative and practical products, and this has created success in many countries. We’re shipping over 100,000 units of product per month, which is a bit tough for us as we only offer wireless products with higher price. I intend to devote more resources in marketing and promotion, so that consumers can have better impression of RAPOO in future.’

In terms of product line, even though our flagship products will continue to be keyboard and mouse, in addition to entry-level products, we also committed to develop high-end products thanks to our strong integration of RAPOO. As mobile and smart devices are getting more and more popular and important, new products like Bluetooth speakers, routers and gaming keyboards will be the next items on list and users can expect RAPOO further its multi-line development, from the most entry-level wireless products to high-end PC peripherals, from the smart multifunction products to a high level of customer satisfaction. RAPOO is strive to offer consumers convenience and fashion style and to achieve the RAPOO’s ‘Wireless your life’ brand philosophy as promise so users can enjoy our product in great pleasure and freedom.’

About RAPOO:

Founded in 2002, RAPOO is dedicated to offering excellent, cutting-edge wireless peripheral products to users around the world. "Wireless Your Life" is the simple philosophy that RAPOO has always adhered to.

RAPOO has constantly paid close attention to the continuous changes in user demands and to providing corresponding solutions. The RAPOO range of wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless headsets is tailored to meet the needs of PC users. Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth keyboards for intelligent terminals, like mobile phones and tablet PCs, are further featured in RAPOO's broad portfolio. Multimedia keyboards and Multi-Link (dandelion technology) product suites for the home theatre round out the RAPOO range.

RAPOO possesses a top class R&D design team which has a deep understanding of the industrial aesthetic standards of today's world and can accurately grasp the end-user experiences in the market. In the IF Design Awards 2012 and 2013, four products of the RAPOO Blade Series won awards, which further strengthened and honored RAPOO's relentless pursuit of offering the best user experience.

RAPOO was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002577) in China in April 2011. In order to provide more end-users around the world with excellent products and services, RAPOO launched its global market strategy in 2011.

In future, RAPOO will be more concentrated and innovative, pushing "Wireless Your Life" worldwide, gives you new lifestyle and unique wireless experience.

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